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50 below feels like negative balls.

Yes, it's negative balls outside. Probably just under 50 below (F), but it's easier and more accurate to say it's negative balls.

I'm afraid that my professor for my one class today is actually on campus (which is still open) and I'll have to eventually start my car, do my homework, and layer up enough to make it to campus. Cars don't sound happy at 40 below, and I have to let it idle fifteen to twenty minutes to make it happy and warm enough.

The ice fog is so thick I'm having trouble seeing across the street. It's basically zero visibility outside, and after the rain a couple weeks ago, the roads have only gotten more slick and rocky (yes, it was 35 above a couple weeks ago). Driving is a death wish. I'm really tempted to not go to campus today just to not drive.

But, they say it'll be above zero on Wednesday. On the NOAA's radars, you can see a huge cloud formation creeping up the Alaska Peninsula, bringing rain to Bethel and the Yukon river delta. Soon enough it'll slowly mix with the flow of cold air from the north. At least we have over six hours of day light, finally.

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